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Hello out there!

With Life Actually, I want to help others sort it out and get it together by sharing my life, as it actually is – struggles, successes & all. We each have everything we need to live the life we want. Its there, if we open our eyes to it.

I’ll share what has worked (or not) for me and I hope to hear from others about their own stories. The site focuses on some of the every day that can become unwieldy – food, health, home – while also finding the time to travel and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Figuring It Out

My first attempt with a blog was a couple years ago, when I was a REALTOR in southern Maine. The intention with that blog was to support my real estate business by marketing my services while also providing travel and lifestyle oriented content. My husband and I had also recently moved to York, Maine from southern California, so the blog also provided an outlet for local exploration.

Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, ME

I enjoy writing and I soon realized blogs are a lot of work! And real estate is also a lot of work! At some point, it became taxing to consistently write content for the blog while also managing clients, transactions, my other real estate marketing efforts, an apple orchard (story for another time!) and just life in general.

Obviously, the blog eventually fell to the wayside. Fast forward a few years, I am in a new phase and new location – Greensboro, North Carolina, right in the center of the state.

Aha Moment!

Moving around I’ve learned that you just have to go out and make the life you want. Its actually already there if you allow yourself to open your eyes to it. The “right time” to do anything doesn’t exist. There are always reasons to not do something. Our thinking blocks us from noticing all the amazing-ness around us. We can choose to enjoy our lives in the moment or we can fixate on everything that’s not how we want.

Life Actually

Life actually is whatever you choose it to be. And love, along with fun, splendor, beauty, and connection – actually is all around.



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