Cultivating Home

Weekend Haul & Free Stuff

Last weekend turned into a decent haul. We were not really intending to pick up any new projects but I came across a post on Next Door for some free vintage bird cages. The hubs was recently commenting that bird cages would make cool plant containers. The lady giving away bird cages said she had been using them for plants. Perfect!

Finders Keepers

We arranged to pick up the cages from this woman’s house. While we were there, we noticed a night stand and small bookshelf out by the street a half block away. We decided to check it out since we needed to drive by it anyways. It was awesome looking! It was exactly what the husband has been looking for (he needs a nightstand on his side of the bed). We scoop it up!

Thrift Stores, Just Because

On our way home from dinner we decided to stop in at a couple thrift stores. We were just there to look but picked up an origami set, vintage thread shuttles, and a plaster decorative item.


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