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Weekend Getaways – Pisgah National Forest

We Have National Forests Too

A lot of people think of our national parks when they think of camping or being outdoors. However there are other types of land designations that can be just as bountiful in beauty and activity. And lower in price too  – there is usually no entrance fee and rates for campsites are lower.  And getting a campsite is also less competitive.

My husband introduced me to the wonders of national forests when we lived in Los Angeles. It was important to him, and now to both of us, to have a good sense of what our outdoor/recreation areas are in whatever region we live in. We like to have an option that we know well, for each of these drive times: one hour away, 1.5-2 hours, and 3+. In Los Angeles our go to spot was Los Padres National Forest, near Ojai. Now in NC, we have found Pisgah National Forest to be our spot.

Let’s Get Out of Here!

Sometimes we have some foresight and do plan ahead to go camping, but sometimes we don’t. One or both of us may be having busy, hectic or stressful week and getting away from it all feels necessary. That is why we like having a spot that we know well. This makes our planning much easier, allowing us to be able to go at a drop of a hat.

We find Pisgah has a great mixture of activities and areas to explore. When we feel more adventurous there is no shortage of strenuous hiking or backpacking. Sometimes we feel more like “glamping” and want campgrounds with showers and proper toilets. Pisgah has both. An added plus for this area is that a large portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway passes through the national forest. The BRP is an activity in itself with a very scenic drive, numerous vistas and some trailheads.

Where do you like to get away?

Pisgah National Forest – Basic Info

Location: Pisgah National Forest is in Western NC, about an hour east of Asheville, 2-3 hours from Greensboro, and 3-4 away from from Raleigh/Durham.

What: 500,000 + acres of forest

Activities: Camping (both primitive & car-camping), fishing, hiking, birding/wildlife viewing, tubing, canoe-ing

Some Highlights: Mt. Mitchell, Black Mountain Campground, Blue Ridge Parkway



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