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Trying My Hand at Floor Plan Sketching

We have recently embarked on a landscape overhaul. We’ve hand sketched on bar coasters and random envelopes in going over different ideas. With all the different home reno and design projects we take on, I figured it was time to actually figure out how to make a site plan for our yard digitally.

After combing the internet, I discovered Homebyme. I’m not looking to become an architect so simplicity, user-friendliness and cost were my main criteria. Homebyme’s software is housed on its website so no need to download any software. Pricing is per project with your first three plans being free. I like this setup much better than paying monthly.

So far so good. In about 1.5 hours I was able to a pretty decent sketch of our yard and floor plans. In another post, I’ll share more details on how to make a floor plan using an existing survey or floor plan you have.

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