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For the longest time, I have been generally anti-thrift store. My earliest experiences with thrift stores were in high school and college, looking for interesting, unique clothing. Others would find these great vintage items. The only thing I ever found was a bowling shirt with my name on it. I usually found it to be annoying and frustrating. By my twenties, I had written them off as an option for myself. I’m not into digging through racks and racks of clothes. And then there is sizing and the fact that there is just one of an item. Annoying!

Fast forward to today, I have become recently obsessed with finding cheap furniture and decor to refinish and restore. One of our local thrift shops, Value Village, has a monthly sale where everything is 50% off.

Early Bird Gets the $2 Arm Chair

Today was the August sale. I went bright and early in the morning. I thought I was “on time” with getting there 11 minutes after the store opened. I was totally wrong! The parking lot was 2/3 full. Inside, the shop was buzzing with customers piling things into their carts. Next time, I’m getting there before the store opens!

Despite my tardiness, I still got a pretty decent haul. Fourteen dollars got me a shelf coat rack, night stand, small armoire, and wooden chair.










My mind is swirling with ideas for paint colors and hardware. Now on to the fun part – fixing these guys up!


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