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Thoughts After Doing a One Day Juice Cleanse

My husband is doing a 5-day detox/fast (supervised by a doctor & nutritionist) before starting a 2 month ketogenic diet. In a show of solidarity I decided I would do a juice cleanse. I’ve done other juice cleanses and fasts in years past (including the Master Cleanse, which I’m not sure I would recommend anyone do) but have not done anything similar in over 5 years.

Initially I wanted to do a 3-day cleanse. We do not have a blender right now (and I did not feel like searching for recipes, etc.) so I knew I would be buying my juices. After checking out my local juice shops, it was clear that anything over 2 days is going to be over $100 in juice!! That is crazy! For us, that is too much to spend on juice. Thus, I scaled back my plan to one day only.

The Plan

Ragnar not really sure this was a good idea

The juice cleanse kit I decided to go with was from our local Grabbagreen location. For $49, the set included six juices and two elixirs (shots of healthy stuff…think 5 hour energy drinks but plant-based). No other food allowed and only water as an additional beverage. The drinks were to be consumed every 2-3 hours.

My Actual Activity

Out of the six juices I was only able to actually drink a total of about 4.5 juices. The first two, I was able to down pretty easily. The rest I kind of struggled to drink them. The tastes were okay – generally not terrible but also not great where you actually want to drink more. I was pretty hungry all day and distracted and thinking about food! I was basically drinking the juices when I felt hungry. I ended up drinking about 1/2 to 3/4 of the remaining four juices. I threw back one elixir in the morning but was unable to stomach the taste of the second.


The Positive

Lost 4+ lbs – Not sure if I Iost the weight simply by not eating real food or due to any nutritional value of the juices

Felt a bit more “clear” – Despite the hunger & cravings, I did feel like a slight fog had been lifted overall. My concentration was pretty good all day& after.

Re-set my cravings & hunger – The days following the cleanse, I felt less inclined to eat bad foods since I have lost a few pounds and was feeling quite good.

Do not feel bloated – Self explanatory!

The Not So Positive

Felt weak, dizzy for some period of the day – I did my cleanse on a day when I had few commitments and I was glad I did. If you are less experienced with cleanses, I would recommend having an easy day with few appointments or work to do.

Hungry & cravings – Food was constantly on my mind!

The Low Down

I was very glad I was able to get through the day without breaking down and eating a cheeseburger. It was definitely a struggle. I do think it was valuable to do it and it has given me a nice jump start to help me get through by next challenge – Whole 30. This is definitely not for everyone. Despite the positive, I’m not sure if I will do this again. It was distracting and a very long day.



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