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How To Prioritize Your One Thing

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Life can be so overwhelming. We all feel so stressed. So busy. So hectic. There are so many different things that NEED to get done and all those things you WANT to get done.

Avoid the To Do List Monster

I love making lists. The tendency for a lot of us (myself included) is to list everything! The list becomes pages after pages. Lists upon lists. Lists of lists. At the end of the day I have little to show just a long list. You don’t know where to even begin. The To Do list itself is now an overwhelming, out of control, crazy monster.

Where Do I Start??!??!?

Its easy to say “Focus on your priority” or “What’s most important?” The problem a lot of us face is that everything seems important. Tasks and goals become difficult to manage and keep in balance. One amazing book that I have read, that has changed how I tackle my to do list (and of my husband, when I shared it with his), is “The One Thing” by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan.

I know it sounds obvious. Focus on “the one thing” that is most important. Where I know I get stuck, and I’m sure may others do too, is with determining what that is. Between work, job, family, house chores, fitness and it all feels “important” and it feels like I am missing some secret ability to balance it all.

The first half of this books dispels the myth of the “balanced” life and “multi-tasking.” The book breaks down that those are myths and they are not worth buying into. What is more important is getting sh*t done. Even if you don’t complete it. If you just spend one hour on your one thing, that is more than you if you never got started.

The most impactful thing I got from this book was to ask the following question when trying to determine what to do first:

What is the one thing I can do such that by doing so makes everything else easier or unneccessary?

This is an amazing question to help focus yourself. You can do this for all the different buckets of your life. Have you read The One Thing? What strategies do you use to help prioritize?

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