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This Spring Start A Raised Garden Bed

Spring is here. If you’d like to start a veggie garden but think you don’t have a green thumb, here are some handy pointers to getting started.

I didn’t really think I could grow anything. I’d never thought of myself as a plant lover but I do love food and high quality produce at reasonable prices. Your own home grown produce beats most anything you can buy. You know the growing conditions, its handling, and itsfreshness. Plus you save tons of money!

Start a Raised Garden Bed

A raised bed is great way to try your hand a gardening. It is a small compact space.  You don’t have to concern yourself with the soil composition of the ground beneath you since you will be filling it in with fresh soil.

Pros of Raised Garden Beds
  • Small, compact space: Great if you have a small yard. Also manageable for newbies.
  • Less strain on back and kness: Since it is raised above the ground, you can easily sit on a small stool or other object and tend to the garden. Great for those with back or other joint issues.
  • Better drainage: Soil gets less compacted allowing better water drainage.
  • If you live in an area where the ground freezes, you can get started a little bit earlier (like once the last frost is past).

Tips for Selecting a Site

Need a space where you can have a bed that is 12” deep

Spot gets 6 hours of sunlight or more

Material can be wood, brick, concrete, whatever you want.

You can grow from seed or pot seedlings. Aside from the usual big box home improvement and garden stores, check small nurseries and farmers markets in the late winter/early spring for seedlings. I find they have better variety, quality and are usually locally grown. Support your local nurseries.

Great plants for newbies

Green Beans

Pole Beans


Summer Squash (patty pan, crook neck, zucchini)






Plants I would not recommend: Corn, Pumpkins, strawberries
Have fun. Don’t be discouraged if some plants don’t work out. Trial and error comes with the territory. Without mistakes you cannot learn anything new.


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