Acquiring Things

Monthly Thrift Shop Haul

Another month, another Value Village half-off sale! I got up early this morning and hit the store as they opened. Today was a competitive one! I don’t know if these folks were shopping for hobby or business. Either way, the crowd today came to play!

On the Defense

The hubs and I scouted out what was available over the weekend. So glad we did! I was able to roll on over and grab the items we’d identified as the priorities. Others were still looking around and figuring out their plans. Today’s grand total was $38.41 (including tax)!

Today’s Haul

  • Vintage desk
  • 2 Coat racks
  • 2 Bread boxes
  • Spice rack
  • Recipe box
  • Vintage propane stove
  • Wooden magazine holder
  • Vintage wooden blanket stand



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