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Love Where You Live – Greensboro, NC

Despite what Jim Boeheim may have to say, Greensboro is a great place! I wholeheartedly disagree with his statement that there is “no value” to being in Greensboro (GSO).

Greensboro, North Carolina has been my home for just over two years now. We didn’t really have any expectations in moving here. We were coming here because my husband was offered a job at a company based in Greensboro. We knew it didn’t have the negative things we would prefer to avoid: lots traffic, smog, crowds, high crime. However, we had minimal impressions of its positive attributes. We have been very pleasantly surprised!

Top 100 Places to Live in US

Greensboro recently was included in US News & Report’s list of Top 100 Places to Live. The article factored in quality of life issues such as cost of living, job market and desirability.

The report cited the following reasons that make GSO a great place to live:

  • Good place to settle down (low housing cost, good schools)
  • Quality of life
  • Job market
  • Value of living there & people’s desire to live there

Reasons why I like it:

Size – GSO is just the right size, not too big & not too small. The city is just big enough to have many of best things about city living: access to good food, bars, entertainment, 24 hour services, major retail, diversity, and nightlife – without all the stress of high costs, traffic, crime, and pollution.

Access to parks/trails/greenspace – Most neighborhoods in Greensboro have a small park (usually about ½ -1 block size at a minimum) that has walking paths, a playground, and some benches. This is one of our favorite things about our neighborhood. Anytime we need a breather in the middle of the day or the dogs need a short walk, there is a park with a short woods trail five minutes away. Our neighborhood is full of people walking (solo, with dogs, strollers, etc) or jogging. The City of Greensboro has an excellent parks department that runs larger parks that are strategically placed in each residential quadrant. Within our neighborhood we have access to our pocket park and also the larger Country Park which has a lake, dog park, and numerous trails.

Friendly people – Southern hospitality is a real thing. People are fairly cheerful and willing to engage in conversation, which is more than we found compared to living in New England. I’ve also noticed people are respectful of their elders, with many people on the ready to hold the door open or help someone with their groceries. A very refreshing change from chilly New England. People also take great pride in the city as evidenced by the City’s response to Coach Boeheim (If you have no idea what I am talking about that is okay. If you do, who’s winning your brackets?)

Exciting food scene: Food here is surprisingly diverse. There is a wide range of authentic ethnic cuisine (Sichuan, Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Caribbean) and widespread appreciation for artisan/quality foods. Thriving ethnic grocery stores can also be found in town representing all corners of the globe. We have not been unable to find any ingredients so far. There are a couple restaurant supply stores in town as well that are open to the public which I love. (Stores aimed at home cooks can be such a racket!)

North Carolina/The South: One of our favorite things about Greensboro, is being able to explore the state in general and the region. We’ve found that NC has many places to explore, from the Outer Banks (where we’ll be vacationing in May!) to Asheville and the mountains. We’re enjoying living here and getting to know the South and its people and culture.

The Grass Is Not Greener on the Other Side

In my experience as a real estate agent, I find people are often quick to point out what their area lacks, instead of what it has to offer. Its easy to focus on what looks like a more fun place to be, somewhere else. All the while closing your eyes to what your own town has going on.

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