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Inexpensive Frames

Frames can be ridiculously expensive. Even when you just want to put up some prints or personal memorabilia. Now that we’re adults the cheap-o Ikea frames don’t cut it! Custom framing can cost upwards of $60 each and buying ready made frames presents its own challenges in finding sizes you need. Fear not, you can inexpensively re-finish frames bought on the cheap at thrift stores and garage sales.

We have a set of wooden frames purchased for $2 each that I have repainted gold and then antiqued. The frames included the glass, though precariously attached.

So far we have cleaned, primered, painted and waxed each frame. For the primer and paint, I used spray paint to make it easy to keep the coat thin.

Our next stage will be to clean up and re-attach the glass before getting ready to frame artwork.

Where have you turned for inexpensive home decor?

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