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Get Outside

Its good for you! The weekend is here and if you do nothing else all weekend, do one thing: Go outside!

It doesn’t matter what you do. Anything goes! Exercise, read, walk, paint your house, etc.

Science even has the data to back up this idea (source).

Here are five reasons to get some fresh air & sunshine:

  1. Exercise is easier: Being in a natural setting and seeing green grass, trees, plants etc. makes exercise feel easier.
  2. Vitamin D: Sunshine hitting your skin provides you with a healthy dose of Vitamin D, which helps your body with cell growth, bone growth, immune functions and inflammation.
  3. Stress reduction: Being outside among the elements and nature, helps you to feel instantly relaxed.
  4. Age gracefully: The act of deciding to get your body literally outside, helps keep you mentally and physically fit for the long-term.
  5. Improved Brain Function: Being outside gets your brain working, not just your body. Being outside prompts the brain to think creatively and be aware.

There it is! Scientists have proof that you should go outside and enjoy life! Last weekend the hubs and I went out to the mountains. Not yet sure, what we will do but it will be outside. How about you?

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