Simplified Finances

Money is never an easy topic. Learning to manage my personal finances was a tough lesson to learn. I'm not naturally "good" with money. In my 20's I was a financial mess - credit score below 500, evading debt collectors & parking enforcement, bank account constantly overdrawn and barely able to pay rent, let alone save for anything.

There was a time where I could not even envision myself being a homeowner, let alone having the ability to figure out how to buy a house at all! Here I am, years later, with all that behind me. My husband and I own our home and rental property.

We still have many financial goals to accomplish. Money is definitely an on-going work in progress. I hope sharing some of my stories and tips, I can inspire those of you who also don't think of yourself as "good" with money to realize you can achieve you financial goals (big & small). There are paths out there.



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