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Fancy Pants Review

I love this planner. This is so far the best planner.

The whole concept behind START planner is great. Basically just Start….whatever it is you want to do. Just start. There is never a better time than right now.

I’ve used paper planners all through college and my mid twenties. Since the iphone came out, I’ve felt pressure to try and get paperless. Its been nothing but more confusing. And more scattered. Tons of paper notes, post-its, etc. At some point last year, I decided I need to get back to physically using a calendar to plan my days out. Pulling out the phone & opening the right app, or calendar, etc is time consuming. Pulling out the planner & jotting down a quick note, I find much easier for myself. Studies show if you write it down you you retain the info more strongly.


  • A page for everyday - Great if you have a lot of meetings, appointments that you need to be able to see the whole day by the hour.
  • Even weekends have full days - As a REALTOR, I often work on the weekends so I still do need to plan my hours on Saturday & Sunday. Many other planners consolidate Sat/Sun into one page.
  • Track fitness, eating out (you could do meals or amount spent), calories, water intake, vitamins/medications, workout, meals
  • A5 - standard size you can buy other inserts
  • To Do list with Top 3 section




  • Heavy/bulky
  • Too pretty you don't want to get it dirty
  • Only holds dailies for 2-3 months at a time
  • Month view boxes are smaller than I’d like personally

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