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Greensboro’s Parks: Country Park

A recent study found that people can literally reset their internal clocks by camping outdoors. Being in nature helps you to adjust your schedule to match the sun.

On a similar note, sometimes in the hectic pace of modern life, you just want to get away…for a short bit. Not a full day or vacation. Just an hour or two outside walking or hiking, can do wonders for your energy and stress levels. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or upset about something, I often find going for a walk is the most useful thing I can do for myself.

Fun & games at Country Park

We’re fortunate here in Greensboro to have numerous options for quick, outdoor time. The city has taken the “green” in its name to heart, and has made park access a priority in city planning & development. One of our favorites is Country Park, northwest of downtown. This park has everything you need for a quick getaway, no matter what you want to do outside.

Tigris enjoying herself at Country Park’s Bark Park

There are trails and paths for walking, running, hiking, and biking (both mountain & road). Country Park also abuts the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park (“Battleground” park). The two parks are well connected to each other via paths & trails. Together you have access to miles of trails.

Along with exercise options, the park includes playground, picnic shelters, a lake with fishing & paddleboats, and an off-leash dog park. You can literally bring the whole family for hours of activity.

If you’re in GSO these are great places for a walk or picnic. What places do you turn to in your city to get away & be in nature? Do you know where to turn?


Address: 3905 Nathanael Greene Dr., Greensboro, NC 27455

Parking can also be found off Pisgah Church Rd (just east of Battleground Ave.) or Ormond Dr, off Lawndale (north of Pisgah Church Rd).

The park closes to cars on weekends and weekdays, after about 4PM. You can still park at the above lots.



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