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Why We Chose Concrete Countertops

An often overlooked counter-top material is concrete. It sounds like a weird choice to a lot of people. Most think warehouse flooring or foundations when they hear concrete. Having seen it in person once at a home on a broker tour, I was blown away. Concrete counter-tops can be sleek, modern, simple and elegant. It is a great DIY project – affordable & relatively simple.

The materials and supplies can be typically be found in your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. A few hundred bucks and a weekend can give you a counter just as stylish as any other hard surface. The main constraint with concrete will be how heavy and messy it can be.

When it came time to select a material for the counter-tops at our rental property, we decided to DIY counter-tops. We know it sounds risky or strange since the tenants might not appreciate or even care about it. For us, our rental property is a great place to experiment with materials, techniques & styles with little consequence. If we mess up a little or don’t like the way it looks, we don’t have to live with it.

The benefits include:

High durability – Concrete is very difficult to scratch or knick.

Completely customizable – Since it is formed and poured on site, you have complete control for the dimensions, thickness, color, texture and layout.

Inexpensive – Compared to more common counter-top materials the cost per square foot is cheap.

Easy to hide seams – Unlike natural stone pieces where the size & shape will dictate where & how many seams your counter has, concrete is able to be formed with minimal seams. This can also save you money since the larger stone pieces that can make an entire counter usually cost more.

Unlimited colors & patterns & edge shapes – Concrete offers the opportunity to create many varieties of looks. Obviously the shapes, designs & colors can be decided by you exactly. You can also mix in glass, pebbles or other materials as you like.

Make other counter-top elements at the same time – The concrete form can be constructed to include a sink or other features (soap dish, etc).

In future posts I’ll share the results and share tips on making your own.

Poured & curing


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