About Life Actually

We all want to be healthier, richer, better looking, more productive. For many of us, everyday life itself is a struggle to keep it all together, let alone accomplish our goals and achieve success. With all the images and expectations (real & imagined), its easy to feel frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed. We're all just trying to sort out the noise. The best tool we have to overcome the overwhelm is actually just our perspective. Everything you need to build the life you want is already in your possession.

With Life Actually, I want to help others sort it out and get it together by sharing my life, as it actually is - struggles, successes & all. We each have everything we need to live the life we want. Its there, if we open our eyes to it.


About Me

I am me. I am also a wife, daughter, friend and doggy parent. I enjoy cooking, eating, DIY projects, exploring, learning, growing and spending time with those I love. I currently live in Greensboro, North Carolina. I started out in San Diego, California then moved onto Los Angeles for a long stint. With my husband, we've ended up in Maine and now NC.

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